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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Automatic Control Systems by FARID GOLNARAGHI BENJAMIN C. KUO

Book Description

Automatic Control Systems
FARID GOLNARAGHI Simon Fraser University
BENJAMIN C. KUO University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

.This is the ninth edition of the text but the first with Farid Golnaraghi as the lead author
For this edition, we increased the number of examples, added MATLAB'" ' toolboxes, and
enhanced the MATLAB GUI software, ACSYS. We added more computer-aided tools for
students and teachers. The prepublication manuscript was reviewed by many professors
and most of the relevant suggestions have been adopted. In this edition, Chapters 1 through
4 are organized to contain all background material, while Chapters 5 through 10 contain
.material directly related to the subject of control
In this edition, the following materials have been moved into appendices on this book's
.Web site at
Appendix A: Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra
Appendix B: Difference Equations
Appendix C: Laplace Transform Table
Appendix D: z-Transform Table
Appendix E: Properties and Construction of the Root Loci
Appendix F: General Nyquist Criterion
Appendix G: ACSYS 2008: Description of the Software
Appendix H: Discrete-Data Control Systems
In addition, the Web site contains the MATLAB files for ACSYS, which are software
tools for solving control-system problems, and PowerPoint files for the illustrations in the

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