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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Charge Controller Selection

The selection and sizing of charge controllers and system controls in PV systems involves the consideration of several factors, depending on the complexity and control options required. While the primary function is to prevent battery overcharge, many other functions may also be used, including low voltage load disconnect, load regulation and control, control of backup energy sources, diversion of energy to and auxiliary load, and system monitoring. The designer must decide which options are needed to satisfy the requirements of a specific application

The following list some of the basic considerations for selecting charge controllers for PV systems
  •  System voltage
  •  PV array and load currents
  •  Battery type and size
  •  Regulation algorithm and switching element design
  •  Regulation and load disconnect set points
  •  Environmental operating conditions
  •  Mechanical design and packaging
  •  System indicators, alarms, and meters
  •  Over current, disconnects and surge protection devices
  •  Costs, warranty and availability

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