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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Charge Controller Designs

   Shunt controller design

Since photovoltaic cells are current-limited by design (unlike batteries), PV modules and arrays can be short-circuited without any harm. The ability to short-circuit modules or an array is the basis of operation for shunt controllers

Most shunt controllers require a heat sink to dissipate power, and are generally limited to use in PV systems with array currents less than 20 amps
Shunt controller design
    Series Controller Designs
As the name implies this type of controller works in series between the array and battery, rather than in parallel as for the shunt controller. There are several variations to the series type controller, all of which use some type of control or regulation element in series between the array and the battery
While this type of controller is commonly used in small PV systems, it is also the practical choice for larger systems due to the current limitations of shunt controllers 

Series controller design

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